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Implant Guide System

2,477 €
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2,477 €


Guide System

Using good-quality and sufficiently effective instruments is essential during implantation. The wide variety of sizes allows the wide usability of the kit. The trays are designed to follow the sequence of the surgery, and their use is made easier with labelling. The sterilisable tray and the box are manufactured using the modern CAD-CAM technology. The available sizes of the instruments are different for each implant system and can be changed according to individual discussion.

Guide System dashboard accessories

1. Gum punches D3.3. D3.8, D4.3


2. Pre-drill D3.3


3. Pre-drill D3.8

4. Pre-drill D4.3

5. Guide pilot drill D2, L5-16

6. Threaded slot drills D3.3. L6-16

7. Threaded slot drills D3.8, L6-16

8. Threaded slot drills D4,3. L6-16

9. Implant driver, mechanical, L5

10. Implant driver, manual, L5

11. wrench, mechanical, 6Lt1.27×10

12. wrench, manual, 6Lt1.27×10

13. Multi-unit key

14. Torque wrench

15. Template fixing pins

Catalog and manual